Triple Pom Pom headband with jingle bell and muslin ribbon. All hand dyed natural fibres. Pastel Rainbow.


Shipping to United States: $16.32


This one has three Pom Poms in various sizes and a long muslin bow with a little jingle bell sewn on.

I wanted to make accessories using natural materials in fun vibrant colours that seemed to joyfully buzz and glow in the dark.

I made the Pom Poms myself using gorgeous hand dyed and spun yard by Qing Fibres. The headband is wrapped in muslin cotton I hand dyed pastel neon rainbow and has pastel swirl blue and purple natural felt discs to make it comfy on the head.

It can fit a child or adult as it’s stretchy/springy.

Great for parties, festivals, dress ups or just a fabulous visit to the supermarket.