Wooden Rainbow Bead Necklaces with Yellow Cord Sterling Silver Jingle Bell Hand Dyed Ribbon and Liberty Fabric Bows


Shipping to United States: $17.68


Handmade Wooden Bead Necklaces

-I designed these with kids in mind as an alternative to all the plastic children's dress ups. (But anyone can wear these ;P)

-Hand painted and sealed with natural lavender wood wax.

-The middle 2 have larger solid sterling silver jingle bells, the outer 2 have smaller silver plated jingle bells.

-Tassels are made from hand spun and hand dyed wool.

-Agate Crystal and Iridescent glass beads.

-Stretch elastic with adjustable sliding ties.

-Hand dyed muslin cotton ribbon.

-Liberty brand fabric bows.

-Each is one of a kind.