Faerie Wishing Sprinkles - Dried Flowers, Bio Glitter, Crystals and Lavender oil.


Shipping to United States: $18.08


Handmade Faerie Wishing Sprinkles.

So many ways kids can play with these, for open ended imaginative play, creating their own magic potions, casting wish spells and all sorts of games.

Made from non toxic dried flowers grown in my own mountain rainforest garden: Nasturtiums, Salvias, Pansies, Violas, Violets, Butterfly Bush, Lavender and Geraniums.

As well as pastel purple and silver Biodegradable Glitter, a random mixture of small tumbled real crystals and a subtle hint of Lavender essential oil.

These make fun party favours for Faerie Parties and little extras added to gifts.

Held in a real glass jar with cork stopper, so these are for older kids or with adult supervision. Please be extra careful with kids under three as these are a choking hazard size.

You will receive one jar per $5 listing.